by Lexi Harrison and Anna Doak

Clue, a movie made in 1985 based off of the popular board game, takes place in a mansion in the early 1950s. 6 seemingly unrelated guests gather at Hill House in New England for a dinner party. None of the guests know each other’s identities – they are all addressed under false names that had little or no relation to their true selves. Chaos ensues after the first few awkward interactions after the butler, Wadsworth, tells the guests that they were all brought together because they are being blackmailed by Mr. Boddy – the Hill House’s owner. After a rather dramatic outrage, the butler handed each guest a box that contained a weapon that he then insisted they use to kill Wadsworth and keep their secrets safe. The chaos only escalates from there.

Mr. Clifford recommended Clue to my AP Biology class before Thanksgiving break, and to say the least I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys really really awkward interactions, dramatic acting, crude (at times) but very well timed jokes, and the board game. I would group it in with all of the cult classics but on a scale of one to The Rocky Horror Picture Show I would put it at around a 4 or 5. Watching with friends, lots of blankets, and assorted snacks is definitely the move. Unless your friends have watched it before and tend to ruin movies – don’t be a jerk and ruin movies.

Also recommended – rewatching Clue once you’ve seen the endings and keeping an eye out for clues (haha) just to see if you can catch the killers before they are revealed. Although Mr. Clifford jokingly agreed to watch numerous Mandela Effect videos if my AP Bio class watched Clue over the break, Kate Snow and I have agreed to hold him to that. Once you have all watched (and I know you will because you just read the BEST review from your faves) I will be more than happy to talk to you about it!! If you’re really looking for more of an in-depth conversation I would talk to Brett Parsons or Claire Yohann.

Overall, I would give the movie a 9/10. I would give Mr. Clifford the grade that’s wayyy too close to an A+ but doesn’t quite round up to one for his recommendation.  Anna and I have agreed to save our 10/10 review for a true cinematic masterpiece. If any of your teachers have recommended movies (or if you have any recommendations) leave them in the comments!

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