by Mackenzie Hollis

The local elections have recently taken place and we have our winners for all the different cities. Candidates were running for different positions such as municipal judge, school board, and mayor. People also got the chance to vote for various issues. The local elections took place on Tuesday November 7th, 2017. The winners were determined later that night. Here are the results for a few of the different cities!

Cleveland Heights:

Council(4): Jason Stein, Cheryl Stephens, Mike Ungar, Melissa Yasinow

Municipal Court Judge (1): James Costello

Mayor: Elected unopposed

Shaker Heights:

Council(3): Tres Roeder, Anne Williams, Rob Zimmerman

Municipal Court Judge(1): Election unopposed.


Mayor(1): Martin Horwitz

Council(3): James Pasch, Eric Synenberg, Alec Isaacson

Issue: Charter change, civil service rules: YES


Mayor: Edward Kraus

Ward 2: Robert Pelunis

Ward 3: John Scott

University Heights:

Mayor: Michael Dylan Brennan

Ward 3: Susan Pardee

Council: John Rach

These are a few paces throughout Ohio that had local elections this past week. People from all theses different cities went to the public school closest to them to vote. The next day when I heard about the elections a few things surprised me. One that particularly surprised me was the mayor election in University Heights. When I lived in University Heights, the mayor was always Susan Infeld and I was very surprised that she lost; I was almost certain she was going to win. One thing that didn’t surprise me was the judicial court winner for Cleveland Heights because he seemed very popular–I saw posters of him everywhere, too.

Local elections seem like such a small thing but they make a huge difference in their community. Issues are a huge deal because they are part of a bigger idea that normally have to do with money and charter schools. There will not be another local election for a while. I hope this article helped fill you in with the results from the local elections!