by Casey Beiswenger


Why did we only have popcorn balls left? These kids wanted cookies. (Fun Fact: the popcorn balls were purchased from a company that used to be owned by Mr. Humphrey’s (the P.E. teacher) family!)

cookie monster

Middle School:

Why do we have to have classes all day?

Why isn’t “circle time” in the circle?

What happened to eating lunch with our family groups?

Why don’t we do the outdoor games anymore?

legacy colors

Upper School:

What happened to the service-project field trips with your class? The general consensus was that the girls who don’t participate in Legacy Day activities will not participate in legacy day activities, so why punish the ones who do?

How many people signed out for “appointments” after lunch?

Why did we have to read a book for little kids to a bunch of the 7th and 8th graders? That was uncomfortable.

What happened to our family groups?!

confused emoji

There’s always something to complain about on Legacy Day, but there seems to be way more complaints this year than last. Maybe it was fine just the way it was?

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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