By Claire Adornato

Thanksgiving break is always a nice time to spend time with your friends and family and catch up on your sleep. Five days off from school is definitely needed and earned. We usually tell ourselves that we are going to get so much stuff done over break. However, in reality we never do. Thanksgiving break has so many expectations, but the reality turns out the complete opposite.
Wow, it’s already Thanksgiving break! I have definitely been looking forward to this. I really need this break. Thanksgiving couldn’t have come at a better time. I can finally get sleep! I’m for sure staying up every night watching Netflix. I have to watch season two of Stranger Things. I may also want to rewatch Riverdale, oh and Grey’s Anatomy. I’m going to have so much free time. On top of sleeping, relaxing, and watching Netflix I’ll also be able to hang with my friends. I also should probably finish that biology project and write that English essay. That won’t take me that long though. I’ll be fine. I can even probably get ahead on work. I may be able to read the chapters due in English and start the history notes. I am going to have so much time to do all of these things! I will without a doubt accomplish all of my tasks, and be so proud of myself. Yes,I can do this.

First Day of Break: It’s only the first day of break I’ll just do all that work later. I have plenty of time. I’m just going to relax.
Last Day of Break: Wait, this can’t be right. NO NO NO. It can’t be the last day of break already! I didn’t get to do my biology project or write my English essay. I’m going to be so behind, and I told myself I would get ahead. Also, I didn’t even hang out with my friends. I blew them off every time to watch Netflix. But hey look on the bright side I did watch season two of Stranger Things and rewatched Riverdale. However, I wasn’t able to rewatch all of Grey’s Anatomy because thirteen seasons is a little too long to me. Oh and I definitely got sleep, I’ll tell you that. What was I thinking though? We only have about five days of break and two of those days is the weekend which we already always have off. Also one of the days is Thanksgiving devoted to just eating. So yeah break didn’t go exactly how I planned, but I mean I really didn’t expect much from myself. It’s okay there is always Christmas break to up my game, and Christmas break is more than twice as long!
Well, we usually never do what we saying we’re going to do over Thanksgiving break. We always tell ourselves that we will do it in an hour then the next day. We end up never doing it, and don’t accomplish anything over Thanksgiving break. However, we tell ourselves that it’s okay because Christmas break is coming up soon and there is so much more time to do stuff during Christmas break. However, we all know though that Christmas break won’t be that different than Thanksgiving break in terms of expectations vs. reality.