By Susie Glickman

This year HB lacrosse has begun everyday practices. It seems extremely early knowing that it is still fall and lacrosse is a spring sport. However, this positively affects our team. We have conditioning 4 times a week and stick skills solely on Wednesdays. None of this is required yet every practice has many players. This shows the commitment and the love our team and coaches have for the sport. Our coaches, Mr. Purpura and Mr. Biederman, are not being paid to do these practices in the cold. They are doing it because they love our team and see how much potential we have. Their excitement for the season is just one more source of motivation to work as hard as we possibly can.

One thing that most people who play sports know is that it is so much easier going into preseason in shape. Tryouts push you to your limits, and if you go into the conditioning not having worked out in months, things will not end up well for you. Although it seems nice to be home and not running in the cold, it is all worth it in the end. Our coaches are doing this because they know how strong of a team we will be. And with the advantage of coming into the season strong and in great shape, we will be unstoppable. The seniors this year have also made these practices much more bearable. They bring a positive attitude to the practices. You suddenly forget it’s freezing or that you may be sore or constantly out of breath. I believe that these practices will make this lacrosse season extremely successful.

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