by Chandini Antal and Divya Bhardwaj

There is no better way to relax on a weekend than curling up on a bed or couch with a cup of a piping hot beverage, watching a movie. We all have our favorite movies, but some of the most famous ones have big issues–although that didn’t stop them from becoming big hits! Here is everything wrong with some of our favorite movies:

  1. Titanic

In the movie, the ship has axes on the walls in every hallway where the rooms are. At the end of the movie, Jack and Rose are lying either on a dresser or door of some sort. The titanic took 2 hours and 40 minutes to sink, so first of all, why were they just standing around? Second of all, they could have used the axes to cut off the doors or any other piece of furniture. They could have been cutting off doors and throwing them overboard instead of waiting to die.


  1. The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap has a huge logical problem that undermines the whole plot of the movie. Hallie and Annie’s parents get divorced, and their dad lives in California with Hallie and their mom lives in England with Annie. It seems unlikely that this would legally be allowed, since most courts would say that Hallie and Annie would have the right to see each other and both of their parents, or even know that they exist.

  1. Cinderella

Cinderella, where to begin. One, she only knew Prince Charming a short time before they got married. Two, how did Prince Charming not remember she had blonde hair and blue eyes, had he “remembered” the whole search process would have taken a significantly less amount of time. Three, Cinderella is 19 years old. Therefore, she could have moved out of the house because she is a legal adult, and since she had no reason to stay, and the evil stepmother wasn’t even blackmailing her.


  1. Tangled

This movie makes zero sense. First of all, why did the palace of the king and queen have such bad security that the princess was able to be kidnapped? Also, how did Flynn Rider randomly stumble upon the castle and find Rapunzel when there had been a royal search party (supposedly) looking for them for almost 18 years? This is a smaller point, but for some reason it always bothers me that when the kids in the village braid her hair, it gets approximately 200x shorter.


  1. Harry Potter

One thing that doesn’t add up is that if there are new students attending Hogwarts each year and they all go to a common platform, there are new freshmen every year, so there are probably students every year who ask for the quarter platforms. After a while why wouldn’t they figure out the there is something going on with all the students. Also, why is the entrance to the wizarding world in one of the most crowed places in london, it seems highly unlikely that no one notices this.


  1. Frozen

While this is a cute movie, it has many flaws. First of all, how does Elsa randomly have ice powers? Most movies provide at least one possible explanation for this kind of thing. Also, based on what the trolls said, how did the king and queen think the best possible solution for this issue was to lock their daughter up inside the castle and forbid her to use her powers instead of teaching her how to control it and use it for good? I love Anna just as much as anyone else does, but sorry, she was already an ice statue when Elsa “saved” her so it really would have been too late.

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