By: Hannah Ryan and Emma Esteves

As students, we always wonder about our teacher’s lives, we have asked them, so you don’t have to. We started off by interviewing Ms. Day, a history teacher here in the upper school.

Here are 9 things you might want to know about Ms. Day:

  1. Ms. Day chose to become a teacher because of a positive experience in her high school. She went to Western Reserve, which is nearby in Hudson. Who knows, Ms. Day could be inspiring the next HB history teacher!
  2. Along with teaching history, Ms. Day does a lot of other things. Ms. Day used to play the acoustic guitar. She also speaks modern Greek.
  3. Ms. Day has never been out of dress code on a regular school day, unless it was a dress down day.
  4. Her idea of a perfect day is an iced greek coffee in the summertime, reading the newspaper on her front porch, and later in the day, going for a hike in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
  5. Ms. Day’s favorite historical figure is Liliuokalani- she was powerful, and was the first queen and the last monarch of Hawaii.
  6. Ms. Day is a cat person. She used to have 2 cats. She LOVES cats, but had to get rid of hers because her husband is allergic.
  7. Ms. Day likes to travel. She used to go to Greece twice a year. She did this for about 6 years. Her favorite place to travel is Greece.
  8. If Ms. Day could get a book from the library right now it would probably be a spy thriller. Ms. Day loves spy thriller novels.
  9. If Ms. Day could buy anything from the HathCaff right now, she would buy a cookie.

When you have a teacher for class, sometimes you forget that they have lives outside of school. It was nice to talk to Ms. Day about her life outside of school. Thank you to Ms. Day for telling us about your life! Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Ms. Day.

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