Writers and Artists Festival 2017: Sarah Kay

By: Caroline Jung

Yes, you’re reading this! That means that you have an interest in writing. Congrats my friend! Did you happen to go to the Writers and Artists Festival a few weekends ago? No? My, you’re missing out! This past weekend, we had the Writers and Artists Festival and it was a blast! All through  Friday and half of Saturday, my fellow peers and I, had an insightful time with the most amazing people. 

As for me, I was in Sarah Kay’s workshop, and I learned about spoken word poetry. As a new freshman, I had no idea what it was before learning about the festival, but as I started to register, figure out what I wanted to do, and met Sarah, I think I have a pretty strong grasp as to what spoken word poetry is. Her teaching style was so clear that I was able to understand it very easily. She was considerate, for she knew that we hadn’t done this before. Or maybe that’s just me. She went through each step and led me so that I was able to write my own piece. Although what I wrote may not have been the most spectacular, eye-opening poem, the learning that came with it was spectacular and eye-opening. Not only was learning about spoken word poetry helpful with public speaking, but I realized that it could also be used for essays, papers, narratives, and whatever I have to write, possibly even this. I learned how to present myself, since I had to read my piece out loud to others.

I strongly encourage everyone to participate in the years ahead. Yes, it may have been the best thing to stay home on Friday without having to go to school, but for me, the experience was even better!