Stranger Things 2 Review- Warning: Contains Spoilers!

By Amy Howarth

(Warning: If you have not watched the show do not read!!!)

Stranger Things 2 was in my opinion an amazing sequel to the first season.  There were new characters, different plot twists, new scenery, and there were so many different things going that really made me want to know more.  All these things combined helped keep me on my toes and paying attention to when the next big thing would happen.

New Characters:

Bob Newby

  • Joyce Byer’s new boyfriend
  • Helps to kill the Demogorgon at the end with knowledge of radio systems
  • Bob is an important character and he helps in the efforts to get the monster in Will’s episodes out of Will and his thoughts


  • New girl in town known as “Mad Max”
  • Beat Dustin’s high score in the arcade game Dragon’s Lair
  • Dustin and Lucas have a huge crush on her and she ends being a part of their friend group


  • Max’s older brother
  • Becomes the new “leader” in high school instead of Steve
  • So scared of his dad- hides it by acting like his dad towards his younger sister- by being mean and tormenting her

008 and friends

  • 008 (Kali) is 011’s sister
  • 011- able to find her because of her communication with their mother
  • 008 and her friends call themselves outcasts because they are not normal to society
  • Together they are trying to kill all the people involved in paralyzing 011’s mother

Different / new scenery:

Most of the scenery was consistent from last season with the houses, the school, and the lab.  What did change, was the way they depicted the upside down.  They kept the fact that it was gooey, sticky, and dark down there and they added the tunnels which were hard for all the characters who went down there to navigate.  They also added the monster which is what was controlling Will’s mind. In my opinion the monster reminded me of a giant spider and that really got the point across as to how scary this was supposed to be.


Big Plot Twists


  • At the end of season one I thought eleven was captured and had to stay in the upside down forever.  But it turns out the the cop Hopper was just keeping her in hiding to protect her from the outside world.
  • Also I never would have thought that Eleven would run away from Hopper, find her mother, and find her sister.  But she did all three of these things.
    • Leaving the House: She came out of Hopper’s house for the first time in about 320 days.
    • Finding her mom: Then she found her mom who was paralyzed but they were both able to talk to each other because they both have the capability to communicate in a different and darker place.
    • Finding her sister: After talking to her mom she knew where to find her sister and she got to meet her but ended up going back to Hawkins where she felt, she really belonged.


  • When I found out Will was being controlled by the monster in the upside down.  That surprised me because i never would have known he was trying to set a trap for the lab workers and anyone who went to the upside down.


Overall feelings about Stranger Things 2

            I absolutely loved the new season of Stranger Things even better than the first because there were so many things that kept me at the edge of my seat.  Such as, when I found out Eleven was in hiding with Hopper.  When Will made and entire drawing of Hawkins and what the tunnels in the upside down looked like under Hawkins.  The fact that Dustin Kept a Demogorgon as a pet and feed it candy bars.  The way that Eleven was able to close the portal to the upside down.   I could go on and on about all the amazing events in this season.  Of course i loved the ending when Dustin, Mike, Lucas, and Will all go to the snowball dance and get to dance with their dream girls.