F is short for Fanatical

By Lexi Harrison and Anna Doak

The HB soccer season started with something less than a bang.  There was no JV team, it had been moved up to Division I, and not all the fitness tests had been run due to weather (darn).  For the first part of the season, Varsity sported a losing record of (Idk what it was) with an average goals against of around three. JV didn’t do much better until halfway through the season and the varsity team went on a winning streak that lasted until the very last game of the season against Madison Comprehensive, a Mansfield powerhouse demoted from DI and expected to win States in DII. The highlight of the soccer season was obviously the postseason. We won several upsets and made it to the Elite Eight before a heartbreaking loss in overtime on an upper ninety header. (a goal scored off of a header that landed in the upper corner of the goal, for those of us who aren’t soccer gods) It hurt. Just a little. This was hands down the most amazing season in recent years and it was a crazy journey. As a team, for the last two years, we haven’t even been ranked in Division II. To be one of the top eight in the state in Division I… it surprised everyone, probably the players the most.  After all, we started the season on a 6-0 loss (mostly my fault if I’m gonna be honest). We had a lot of luck in playoffs. The district we were in was one the easiest districts, but that’s not saying much considering the fact that the other ones had games like Strongsville vs Medina or Walsh (they’ve lost like two games in the last six-ish years).  But the fans were easily the greatest part of the entire season.  We didn’t always have people at the games, specifically the away ones. We did have a couple of fans that showed up to nearly every single home game (Sydney Deegan, Kaela Ryan, Jane Berick, and some others. Sorry if I forgot you!!)  Did you guys see our student section for playoffs!!  Absolutely insane.  Literally the greatest thing I have ever seen.  You guys were so incredible and it was so much fun playing for you guys.  The Shaker and Mayfield games? Definitely props to you guys for getting us through it. The loss to Jackson? You guys were with us every step of the way. I think I can speak for the rest of the soccer team when I say that the fans were one of, if not THE, best part of the game. All the other sports can suck it because we have the best fans. Hopefully we’ll see you again next year.