Faux for Fall

By Annie Lewandowski

It’s a well known fact that fashion is cyclical. If you haven’t noticed the super-flare cords or oversized sunglasses circa 1977 or the abundance of Doc Martens that resurfaced just three years ago, you probably should get out more. Most of these trends are fun and harmless, highlighting decades widely considered times of great human happiness and progress. Unfortunately, some trends that should have stayed in the past come back to haunt us, one of those trends being real fur. Despite many, many westerners are strongly being rightly opposed to the outrageously cruel “fashion statement” (95% of people in the UK refuse to purchase it), fur can be spotted on runways and Instagram feeds all over the world. Nevertheless, there is a silver lining, many very prominent designers such as Calvin Klein and Gucci, not to mention old veterans such as Stella McCartney, have decided to opt for more sustainable, much kinder alternatives. Even Vogue swore off real pelts (spot Gisele Bündchen looking fabulous in a lustrous faux fur coat on the cover of French Vogue). It’s not the Stone Age anymore and real pelts are so last millennium. Check out some of these glamorous faux fur coats that will keep you warm and let those cute chinchillas stay warm this winter, as well.

Faux Fur Coats:

Stella McCartney

While her collection may be far from cheap, McCartney and her father have been long time vegetarians, promoting luxurious, cruelty-free living.



Quirky and artsy, this website sells faux fur, leather, and sheepskin, forfeiting none of the quality one would expect from an avant-garde designer website. Hannah Weiland, the brand’s founder, is a young designer fresh out of The London College of Fashion.



This trendy brand has a large selection of super authentic looking faux fur perfect for nights out or winter concerts.