Thoughts on Riverdale…

By Issy Wyndham and Annie Greenfield

Our predictions for this season of Riverdale follow the story of the twisted town us viewers were introduced to in season one. Like many, we are asking: Isn’t everyone wondering who the shooter is? And what the big deal about Veronica’s father is? Everyone has their suspicions and we’re here to tell you what we think.

Will Archie continue the search for the shooter? Or will Veronica come up with a theory about her father coming home early, timing is key.

In the last episode of season 1, we see Jughead “Fitting like a glove” into his father’s infamous leather Serpents jacket. Is this foreshadowing on him following his father’s dark path for his future. What will Betty do about this? Do you think she can handle dating a serpent or will the Jughead she knew still show through?

Obviously we can tell that Archie has PTSD. You can see in chapter 15 at the fundraiser for Pops that all he sees is blood on the floor. Is that affecting his remembrance of the shooting? Is it possible he knows who it is, but doesn’t remember because of his PTSD?

Could Polly be the killer? Her eyes are blue and the killer’s eyes are blue. Coincidence or clue? No one knows where Polly or what she’s doing is but could she be back?


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