By: Hannah Schmidt

During a long week, there’s nothing better than some fluffy friends so cheer you up! Here are 5 more HB dogs!


Annalyse, 12th grade:

Micki (1.5 years old): Bulldog/Terrier Mix

Favorite food: Cheerios

Favorite memory:My sister got her for me for my birthday and surprised me with her at a volleyball tournament. She kept trying to run into the courts!













Jane, 11th grade:

Diggie Smalls (9 years old): Pug

Favorite food: Carrots, apple or sweet potato

Favorite memory: ALL OF THEM! Every second we spend together is perfect.


Amy, 10th grade:

Scooter (3 years old) Goldendoodle

Favorite food: Peanut butter

Favorite memory: The first time we gave him a bath he was so excited to get in the water, but then by the time we were done he looked so sad and dejected, like we tormented him (but we actually didn’t).


Lila, 9th grade:

Chloe (2 years old): French Bulldog

Cooper (5 years old): Mastiff

Favorite food: Chloe loves peanut butter. Cooper loves apples.

Favorite memory: Chloe loves to lay on the heat vents when it’s cold outside. Cooper loves to try and sit in people’s laps even though he is way too big.

Kaela, 11th grade:

Patches (1 year old): Terrier and lab mix

Favorite food: Popcorn, peanut butter, or bananas

Favorite memory: When I got home from school and her head was stuck in a peanut butter jar. She was okay, and it was really adorable.


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