by Jordan Stacy

  •      Buckle-shoes

Shoes with a metal buckle in any form are really in for this fall season. Whether it’s on a loafer, a slide, or a slip on, you can’t go wrong with a buckle.

  •      Oversized Blazers

Over-sized blazers have made a comeback this fall and are super cute. Personally, I love an oversized plaid blazer. Though they may seem “old-fashioned”, once you get used to the idea of a plaid blazer, you will love it. Pictured on the right is a basic black blazer that is mid-calf length, super simple but stylish.

  •      Dressed up sneakers

This is a pretty well-known fact at this point. Adidas have been all the rage but lately, I have been loving Vans and New Balance sneakers. Pair them with ripped jeans and a sweater, like in the photo above, and you’ve got a perfect brunch or dinner outfit.

  •      “Couch” Florals

Once again, couch florals are a fashion concept that is hard to grasp for many. It may seem ugly or distracting, although, if worn properly, can be a great statement fabric in an outfit. My favorite use of couch florals as of late has been on block heel booties.

  •      Vintage Style Furs

Vintage style furs made a comeback last winter and I think they are back again and better than ever. I have been loving fur coats in beige and pale nude. A pair of jeans and a basic white-tee are the perfect base of an outfit to add a fur coat to. Plus, there is no doubt that you will be cold in a coat of fur.