by Abby Coffey

I’ve been by my sister’s side from the first time I’ve existed. Every friendship has its ups and downs, and Hannah and I’s friendship is no different. Like many things in life there are good and bad aspects of being a twin. Often when we were younger we would get into lots of fights because we didn’t like to share. That was one of the bad aspects, sharing. When we were younger sharing was the common starter of our fights because like all children we wanted to have our own toys and we especially didn’t like sharing a room. However, over the years you get used to sharing clothes, and many other things. It also helped that we eventually got our own rooms.  Even now sometimes we get annoyed at each other, but we always move on and forgive each other.  

        Hannah and I are always helping each other. For example, my sister helps me with a lot of things such as helping me understand a problem in math when I’m confused, or braiding my hair because I never learned how. Hannah’s my best friend and we are always helping each other. She always helps me when I’m confused and is always there for me like I am for her. Since we play a lot of the same sports and always together we hear a lot of the same things

        Some common questions that are asked to us we hear are, “Can you read each other’s minds?” My favorite time that I was asked this is when we were on the train from Machu Picchu to and we were sitting beside these women who were convinced that since we were twins we could read each other’s minds. Even though we kept saying we couldn’t they kept thinking we could.

        Being a twin is like always having someone to support you, and even though sometimes we get annoyed with each other we are always grateful for each other in the end.