The Clubs Fair!

By Mackenzie Hollis

A few weeks ago, the clubs fair took place and there were so many clubs to choose from. I mean, there was basically a club for everything. I’m sure if you had no idea what you wanted to do, you found at least one thing you were interested in. Here are a few of the clubs that were offered.

  • Young politicians club: This club meets during lunch and they just talk about what is going on in the world from a political point of view.
  • Photo club: This club meets during X on various days once a month. They learn about photography and talk with professional photographers.
  • Gold key: This is a big club that many people join. You can either be a hostess or part of gold key. This club doesn’t really meet but they have training sessions. The hostesses tour prospective students of the upper school for the day to give them a taste of what HB is like. The gold key members also tour students but are more involved with the upper school office.
  • HB Entrepreneurship Club: This clubs meets weekly and is about an hour and 15 minutes. You either attend during lab, X, or the meetings after school if you can’t make the ones during school. They focus on taking on real life problems. They will also create actual businesses.
  • French Club: This club meets during lunch on a random day. You are not learning how to speak French. They talk about French culture, watch French movies, and of course eat French food. This is one of the most active clubs.
  • Kakaeutkla Club: The first word means hope. This club is partnering with a school in Connecticut and they are raising money for kids who are not as privileged as others. This money is going to help send these kids in Zambia to school.
  • Sign Language Club: This clubs learns about sign language and they may learn a few words. They will email people who signed up or give an announcement when a meeting is coming up.

These are just some of the many clubs at HB for this year. There are tons of other clubs. There is probably a club for everything. If you didn’t get to come to the clubs fair but you really want to join a club, email a teacher or your mentor and they can help you try and reach the people who direct the clubs. I hope you joined many or at least one club this year! Have fun and enjoy the clubs you signed up for!