By. Hannah Saltz

SOBER II (MELODRAMA): Lorde discusses how exciting her past relationship was and how amazing it made her feel, but how quickly it ended. She delves further into the beautiful uplifting parts of it, along with the low, painful points. “And the terror / And the horror / When we wonder why we bother,” is Lorde’s melodramatic interpretation of her friends and her life during the breakup.

WRITER IN THE DARK: In this slow ballad, Lorde confabulates her toxic relationship and how difficult it was to move on from that. She opens the song with some sarcasm and says that the ex used her fame as a burden against her. She is referring to herself as the “writer in the dark, “ how she thinks that her ex wishes they never came into her life.

SUPERCUT: Lorde idealizes a ‘dream’ of a perfect relationship, which consists of the positive parts of hers. A ‘supercut’ is a snippet of something, so Lorde describes and sings about the good and the bad of her past lover.

LIABILITY (REPRISE): The definition of reprise is “a repeated passage in music.” Lorde has similar instrumentals to her song Liability, with different lyrics. She discusses how hard she tried to save her relationship, the baggage that came with it, and the intimacy of her music with her fans.

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