Cute Stationery Finds on Amazon

By. Leonela Serrano


Muji Clear Ballpoint Pen

I bought these pens the start of junior year and haven’t had to buy any new pens since because they’re still working. The colors are very bright and smooth. The color that the pen cap is is the actual color that the ink comes out as. The only drawback is that they take a time to dry and you have to wait a while to be able to highlight over the darker colors.

Capped Ink Ballpoint Pen

I bought these the end of sophomore year and I still have them. They work the same as the clear ballpoint pen but they are capped and smaller – these come in a range of tips. I have the  .38 mm tip which means that the writing is extremely clear. The only drawback is that it is a little bit uncomfortable to hold the pens but you eventually get callouses from using them.
Pilot Juice

Pilot Juice Ballpoint 10 pack, 0.5mm

These are a cheaper alternative to the muji pens but I honestly prefer them more. They skip a little less (sometimes the Muji pens have air gaps and you have to wait a while to use the pen again). These are also a lot smoother and have more color options, plus are cheaper than Muji. The colors are really aesthetic and I’ve found a use for all of them.

Pilot Juice Ballpoint 36 Color Pack

They have white, brown, and glittery pens! It fills the little kid in me to have all of these cute pen colors that make no sense to have but I still use. Relatively cheap but still expensive so unless you are a stationery addict like me and like having an unreal amount of colored pens, I probably wouldn’t recommend buying these.

15-set Mildliners

These are amazing. They generally last me half a year and have a range of colors. I always use them for history and English and it really helps with color coding since I can have an entire color scheme for English books or history units. The color coding has really helped me with studying and looking back in the books.

Smiley Diary

Daily Diary

I’ve been using this diary for the entire school year. It’s basically a planner where each day has a page which makes it really help with planning and not being overwhelmed because I can break all my homework into smaller tasks to make homework and studying a lot more manageable.

Other Options:

The options above are all really cute and are relatively cheap if you want to purchase online. These are all also agendas that I myself would buy. You can also all head to your local Target, Walmart, or Office Depot to find some cute agendas that are also very cheap.


36 pack pens

These pens never dry out. I have left them uncapped for multiple days in a row and the ink and pen still runs as new. They are also triangle shaped which is nice because it’s really easy to grip and helpful if you’re a lefty because you can hold it without smudging your hand. Only con is that they bleed through most loose leaf and notebook paper.

20 pack

Sticky Notes

Penguin Sticky Note

Owl Sticky Notes

These are adorable and fun to use. I love using them when annotating English books because they seem to bring more character to the novel and just make what can be the arduous task of finding quotes for an essay a lot more fun! Just beware that these are paper which means they fall off a lot and can rip easily.

Laptop Cases

Cute Laptop Case that I own

Yes, this is a $20 laptop case but it has also lasted for two years without a blemish. It has protected my laptop incredibly well and, in my opinion, makes it look super cute. It’s protected my laptop when I’ve thrown my backpack on the floor or when I’ve had to take my laptop on a plane. 10/10 would recommend. The only problem is the price.