By: Ellie Felderman

20 things I’d like you to know about being gay, as brought on by LGBT history month, in no particular order

    1. The continuous sense of pride involved in belonging to the LGBT community is unmatched by nearly every other sense of pride I’ve felt in my life
    2. You’re never done coming out. Every new person you meet, you have to decide if you’re comfortable, when you’re going to tell them, overthink all the situations, and run the risk of them rejecting you, changing on you, or leaving once you tell them.
    3. Also, coming out, like race and gender and deodorant, is a social construct. Straight and cis people don’t have to come out, so why does everybody else? You should just be able to do you ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    4. It isn’t safe for a lot of people to come out. Also, lots of people will lose their family, or be kicked out, or disowned, or hated, etc etc etc All The Bad Things. It’s scary stuff how powerful hate can be
    6. The gay agenda is my favorite thing ever (disclaimer @ all the straight ppl who are now confused: it’s not a real thing. It’s just a really good joke)
    7. Heteronormativity is legit. Never once have I read a book in school (and very few in life) that’s had anything but heterosexual couples, heterosexual love, heterosexual crushes, and heterosexual norms. Nor have I ever expected to, I’ve just accepted that I’ll never see myself represented like straight people.
    8. If you’re a girl who likes girls and is also a friend with a girl who likes girls, everybody will automatically assume that you’re dating. Also, everyone will stick their noses into your business, and constantly ask/wonder/gossip about whether you’re dating or not. Stop making assumptions!! Who cares?! Two lesbian people can just be friends in the literal just friends sense.
    9. Mike Pence terrifies me, because he openly believes in electrocuting not-straight people ‘back into being straight’. This is not a thing. You cannot electrocute me into liking boys.
    10. There is no ‘man in the relationship’ for two women, or ‘women in the relationship’ for two men. That is the whole point of the relationship. It would not exist if one was a man, because that would mean there would not be two women, and that is a key point of them being in the relationship. This is obviously a dumb question! Stop asking dumb questions.
    11. There is no best color, also all the colors are the best color, because rainbow is the best color.
    12. I have very good tie-dye skills by now.
    13. “That’s so gay!” Might be a jokey insult to you, but for real-life gay people, it is incredibly offensive!! It’s even worse when people backtrack and say that they really meant dumb, or weak, or stupid. It shows that they think gay is synonymous with dumb or weak or stupid. Think before you speak 🙂
    14. Lots of people think it’s cuter for a homosexual couple to date. It’s nice to have support and all, but it can be patronizing.
    15. I wish I could date my girlfriend like all the girls I know can date their boyfriends, but we have to be careful, refer to #4
    16. When I’m in public, and I see another gay person/couple, I will do almost anything possible to let them know that I, too, am gay. It’s just very exciting to see other gay people because straight people are everywhere.
    17. Also, when you meet other gay people, you’re usually automatically bonded with them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Now, this obviously doesn’t go for everyone, but it’s really fun when it happens
    18. My favorite phrase = this is homophobia. This has been used against the following people and in the following situations: Isha, Lexi, Isha, when the lunch line is really long, Isha, when my car is out of gas, when there’s traffic, Isha again, if a Spectrum meeting has to be moved, and Isha (three separate incidents in the writing of this article)
    19. Talking about being gay, like real, raw conversations with people, are capital-H Hard, at least for me. I hadn’t really done it before I got to Island School, and boy was it a wild ride.
    20. TBH though, I ❤ being gay. It’s wonderful. It’s not a choice but I wouldn’t change it for the world. The community and pride and sense of self that being gay has brought me are all wonderful. Also, finally coming to terms with my sexuality and becoming comfortable with it has made me a better person. It’s freeing 🙂