By Simran Patwa

It’s that time of year – homecoming. A time when plans are made and changed in seconds. A time when someone doesn’t know the plan because, without fail, they didn’t see the group chat. As a junior, it was easier to make a group for homecoming, execute dinner plans, and decide where to take pictures. All I can say is: freshmen year was a mess. As a word of advice to freshmen, never get there at exactly 8:00 and make plans ahead of time to avoid confusion as the dance approaches! There were many aspects of the dance this year that I enjoyed a lot and others that can be improved on for next year.


The music (Awesome!)


This year the music was a lot better than the selections last year. I think this was partly due to the seniors creating a playlist with songs that people could dance to, rather than other popular songs that are great, but not for homecoming.


The senior theme (Great!)


The theme this year was the 70’s and I thought the seniors did a great job of keeping the theme a secret and went all out! It was great to see how creative people got, but sad to know that this is the seniors’ last homecoming dance at HB.


The water cooler (Good and Bad)


HB finally provided drinks in a water cooler and it was a great refresher after coming out of the hot gym. However, the cooler made a huge mess and the floor was flooded with water, which was not the best for people who had taken their shoes off during the dance. I also liked how, even after the water ran out, there were cups provided to fill up water from the fountain.


The disorganized Breathalyzer line


When my group and I first arrived at the dance we had no idea where to stand and get breath-a-lyzed. It was especially confusing because there was a line for each grade but everyone eventually merged, making it hard to distinguish the different lines from one another.


Overall, this year’s homecoming dance was definitely more organized and very enjoyable. I hope everyone had a great time!