by Amy Howarth


The Cleveland Indians have had a pretty successful season this year

Won 102 out 162 games

Amazing players this year

  • Francisco Lindor– shortstop and has an amazing batting record
  • Andrew Miller– finished most games pitching because of his talent
  • Corey Kluber– starting pitcher
  • Bradley Zimmer– was new to the Indians and he plays in the outfield

Had a 22 game winning streak

  • Unfortunately breaking the streak and losing to the Kansas City Royals

During Playoffs

  • First series against New York Yankees

1st game won 4-0

2nd game won 9-8

3rd game lost 1-0

4th game lost 7-3

5th game lost 5-2

Even though the Indian’s Season is over they still had many successes throughout the season.  They have won a lot of games during the regular season and they had an amazing winning streak.  So until next season LET’S GO TRIBE!



         As we all know the Cleveland Browns are not the best or most successful sports team in Cleveland.  However, things were looking up as we won all of the pre-season games.  Here are the results of the regular season games so far.


  • v/s Steelers: lost 21-18
  • v/s Ravens: lost 24- 10
  • v/s Colts: lost 31-28
  • v/s Bengals: lost 31-7
  • v/s Jets: lost 17- 14
  • v/s Texans: lost 17- 33
  • v/s Titans: lost 12- 9


Ohio State

Fortunately for Ohio we still have a football team that we can count on to bring us a few wins.  Ohio State won the National Championships with their coach Urban Meyer in 2014 against Oregon.  Since then we are still one of the number one ranked teams in the big ten conference.  So, we can still hope for a National Championship with OSU.  Here are OSU’s successes this season.

  • v/s Indiana win 49- 21
  • v/s Oklahoma lost 31- 16
  • v/s Army win 38-7
  • v/s UNLV win 54- 21
  • v/s Rutgers win 56- 0
  • v/s Maryland win 62- 14


OSU has had a very successful season so far and we hope they continue to their success in the next few games. Let’s hope that our quarter back, J.T Barrett, and the rest of the team can carry us as far as we got in 2014.  LET’S GO BUCKEYES !!   



         There are many changes that the Cavs have gone through during the off season.  During the draft we traded Kyrie Erving to Washington and in exchange we got Isaiah Thomas and a few other great players.  The Cavs have are just getting started this season with their first game against the Celtics.  But, wait wait wait…

Kyrie Irving is leaving??

Yes, it is true Kyrie Irving has left the Cavs

He will be playing for the Boston Celtics this season

We do have a few new players this year too:

Isaiah Thomas from the Celtics

Derrick Rose from the Bulls

Dwayne Wade from the Heat

Jae Crowder from the Celtics

Here are the results of the Cavs games so far:

v/s Celtics win 99- 102

v/s Bucks win 116- 97

v/s Magic lost 114- 93

Let’s hope the Cavs have a good season and bring us a Championship this year!