By Kate Hickey

As many people know, the upperclassmen can come off as intimidating and even scary–but what happens if you take the time to know them?! Playing a sport is a great segway into meeting older kids. When I came to HB, I joined the golf team and I met many great juniors and seniors that I consider to be some of my favorite people today! Through these select upperclassmen, I began to meet some of their friends and then some of their friends! Joining other school-wide clubs is another fantastic way to meet more older kids! As I’ve befriended the upperclassmen, I have learned the many perks of our relationships. Let me share a few with you!


  • They are great resources when you need help in school!


Many of the upperclassmen have taken the same classes as you, and are almost always willing to provide a helping hand when you are struggling with homework, understanding concepts, etc. (especially helping with balancing equations)!

  1. They are great resources when you need help outside of school!

Whenever you are in a tough situation in or out of school, they have probably experienced a similar situation and are ALWAYS willing to provide very helpful advice! Whether it be with friends, boyfriends, or any kind of drama– they know what to do!

  1.     They can drive!

My parents are more thankful for this one, but I am so glad that I am never without a ride somewhere! Wherever I need to be, at least one of them can drive me! Most of the time, they are hungry and will take you to get food, just an added bonus!

  1.    Senior Privileges!!!!

Some days I am really craving Chipotle and Starbucks, only one problem- I can’t leave school and get it for myself! Not a problem, just bother one of your seniors and maybe they will pick food up for you (and of course themselves too)!

  1.  The clothes!

On numerous occasions this year I have been given clothes! From college tee shirts to sunglasses, the upperclassmen have style! You will always have cute clothes when you befriend the upperclassmen!

  1.  They will say hi to you in the hallway!

Yeah, we all know that when an upperclassmen says hi to you in the hallway, you feel really good about yourself! Don’t try and hide the magical feeling you experience when someone older than you acknowledges your presence!

  1. They put your problems into perspective!!!!!

When you come home and you complain about your work load, text any upperclassmen about their homework and you’ll stop complaining real fast! Trust me, you’d much rather have 4 hours of homework as opposed to 7 hours and college applications!

  1. They make good friends!

Despite the age difference, they can really become some of your closest friends! They will always look out for you and support you in anything you do, therefore they fill all of the requirements for being great friends:)