By Aaryana Sethi

In this classic work of fiction written by Jane Austen, proud, intelligent, and obstinate Mr. Darcy of an affluent family meets Ms. Elizabeth Bennet, a girl that is of a less than wealthy family, yet just as sharp and witty as himself. Their initial loathing turns into mutual respect, and eventually into a deep and true love; a match such as which was unheard of between two people of very different places in 19th century English society. Packed with plot-twists and misunderstandings, the book plays with the theme of a societal hierarchy and elaborates on boundaries that stood in the way of young men and especially young women of the era. The novel is a love story written in a light manner, that, when dug into, will reveal the true ingenuity of its author in questioning the norms of society. Pride and Prejudice deals with deep themes presented in an intriguing and enthralling manner that will keep readers hooked. This book has survived the trial of time and is a true page-turner.