By: Casey Beiswenger

Whether you’re a senior getting ready to submit your interim reports to colleges or a freshman just beginning to adjust to the workload here at The Hath, everyone can always benefit from some study tips! We’re already halfway to the halfway point (or if your glass is half empty, only halfway through the first semester), so make the most of your teacher’s comments on your interim grades and improve your habits before the end of the semester!


  1. Plan! According to science, 15 minutes spent planning your night is 15 minutes of not doing your homework!


  1. Stay Organized. If you know where all your notes are, you’ll know exactly which binders and notebooks not to open.  


  1. Make your own study guides, flashcards, and quizlets. Lydia Mazzoli (@lydswim01), a Junior, is known for her amazing, handwritten study guides. Turns out if you actually study the material, you learn stuff!


  1. Use your computer or phone appropriately (as often as possible). There’s absolutely no possible way you can get distracted when you utilize these amazing resources.


In all seriousness, we, as experienced learners, know how to study and if not, where to look for assistance. We have great teachers and helpful friends, and with their help, we can make it through the semester. Power to the students!

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

One thought on ““Study” Tips

  1. 5. Instead of studying, read an article on how to study! This will increase your efficiency (at least until you realize you’ve spent the past 30 minutes reading Retrospect articles….)

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