By: Linda Yu 

Cool breezes, crunchy leaves, and crispy pumpkin pies. Halloween is near, and on Tuesday night the streets will be filled with kids, teenagers, and parents alike. Think of trick-or-treating, and you might think of candy, witches, and of course, cool Halloween decorations that everyone is jealous of. But, being high schoolers, we all procrastinated on Halloween decor and now it’s the day before Halloween. And all the cool ideas on Pinterest look really difficult. Never fear, it’s not too late! Here are some cute and easy ways you can spice up your Halloween decorations, specifically chosen to save you time, money, and effort:

1. Flying Bat Decorations

This craft is perfect if you want a large-scale decoration but don’t have time to go all-out. All you need to do it cut out the bats and tape them to the walls!



Black construction paper

Template (downloadable)




Time: depends on how many you want to make

2. Cat Candy Box:

Personally, I love cats and I love this cat box. It’s origami, yes, but don’t worry; it’s really easy. Seriously. It only takes ten minutes and minimal effort, and the results are totally worth it. You can impress all your friends who will be tricked into thinking you’re an origami master. And really, who doesn’t like a nice cat box?



Origami paper (You can also use copy paper, newsprint, or heavier wrapping papers)

Video Tutorial

Time: 10 minutes

3. Mason Jar Monster Cakes

After a long day of school, treat yourself to one of these monster cakes before trick or treating! To minimize work, use pre made cake mix. If you don’t have pastry bags, just use a ziploc bag. If you don’t want to bother with the oven, you can make them with the microwave. This is a very high-schooler friendly recipe.



Basic ingredients (or you can use cake mix)

Mason Jars

Icing (or if you’re too lazy to make it, the cake alone is fine too)

Time: 20 minutes cook time (or 3-5 minutes if you’re using the microwave)

4. Pumpkin Party Favors

These pumpkin party favors are made out of tissue paper and take less than a minute each to make. You can hand them out or just make some to display at home. Or, you can make a bunch of empty ones to trick your friends with.



Orange tissue paper

Green , brown, or black tape


Time: about 1 minute each

5. Pebble Monsters


I saved the cutest one for last! These pebble monsters are honestly so adorable, and they’re super fun and easy to make. All you have to do is paint a few pebbles. These can go by the basket of candy, or you can arrange them around the doorstep and on the downstairs window sills. These require absolutely no art skills. However, if you want to get fancy, you can try mixing colors and adding some details like scars and sparkles.



Googly eyes (or you can just paint on eyes)


Time: depends on how much effort you put into it, but about 10 minutes

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One thought on “DIY Halloween Crafts for the Last Minute Decorator

  1. Though they look cute, my sister says the pebble monsters hurt when one gets hit by them.

    Also, be sure to let the paint dry before handling. It is hard to deny you were the one throwing them at your sister when you fingers are paint stained.

    **** This was a joke. DO NOT throw pebble monsters at siblings – use Mounds bars instead. That is the best use for a Mounds bar. ****

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