By Emma Gerber and Ivy Wang

This year, just like every year, new freshman entered the HB high school. The experience that we have is truly unique and interesting, not to mention a huge transition. As freshman, we answered questions about our experience so far at high school.

How is the school year going so far? What have you noticed?

Emma: Everything is mostly going well. Although there is a lot to do, everyone is super nice and the classes are interesting. The year has kind of been a weird combination of stressful and easy, which is always interesting.

Ivy: Everything is going pretty well. There is a lot of work but all the students and teachers are really nice and really supportive. I noticed that everyone at HB is really a close community which is really amazing.

What was the transition like to high school?

Emma: It was good and bad. It was great to find yourself with more responsibility and time on your hands during the school day, but it was also hard to get used to that because of how different it was than middle school. In middle school, there was always a place you had to be and no question of what to do at any given time, but in high school it’s more freeform. It was also hard to get adjusted to the style of the courses and the amount of work, but that’s getting better as time goes on.

Ivy: The transition to high school was easier than I thought. Since I’m new to HB a big part of it was meeting new people and getting used to a new environment. In high school you get more choices in what you do and more freedom to decide how you spend your time. In high school there is a low more homework and the pace of the classes are a lot of faster which I still haven’t gotten used to yet but I know I will eventually.

What is the biggest difference from middle school?

Emma: So many things are different, but the free time and the classes are the most drastic. I’m glad things have changed, in some ways, despite the fact that middle school was so much more easy and carefree.

Ivy: The biggest difference from middle school is that in high school you are more responsible for yourself and what you do with your time. There’s not always someone monitoring you and reminding you what you should be doing. You have to plan out your time yourself and make sure everything is getting accomplished.  

What is your favorite class and why?

Emma: My favorite class is dance. I really love being able to stop in the middle of the day and express myself through movement. It’s both challenging and relaxing. Our class also only has four people, which makes it feel more like a family.

Ivy: My favorite class is history. I just really like learning about history and people that have impacted history.

What extracurriculars are you doing? Thoughts?

Emma: I am currently doing Seussical the Musical. It is very time consuming, but also very fun and rewarding. High school is a great place for extracurriculars, and I’m glad to be involved in one.

Ivy: I play piano and violin. Since I play violin I’m in the orchestra. Being in orchestra is really cool because you get to see people you might not have classes with and you also get a lot of opportunities to go out and share music with others. I also joined a lot of clubs and I’m excited to see what I learn from them.

What are you most excited for in high school? What are you most nervous for?

Emma: I’m most excited for all the cool opportunities offered at HB, such as different programs or international trips. I am least excited for all of the tests and finals that I know I’m going to have to take, considering there are so many more in high school.

Ivy: I’m most excited for all the opportunities and classes that I can take part in. I’m also really excited about meeting so many people. I’m most nervous for testing and all the work that comes with being in high school.

What do you think it will be like to be a senior?

Emma: Probably really fun, but really stressful. I think it would be scary to know you are going off to college and to have to figure out where you’re going and what you’re doing with your life. However, I also think there would be a great sense of community, having been a community with HB sisters for so long.
Ivy: I think being a senior is really stressful. You have to decide what college you want to go to and take a lot of standardized test. But I also think being a senior will be really wonderful because HB would be like your home and you would have been with the same group of people for a least four years.

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