The Five Best Restaurants to eat in Cleveland

by Abby Coffee

Have you ever had trouble picking out a good place to eat? If you have then I hope this article helps you. In my opinion, here are the five best restaurants to eat if you want to go out with your friends, or if you’re just hungry. If you’re anything like me than the more fries and the greasier the food the better, so if you’re looking for someplace good and healthy to eat it’s not going to be in this article.  I’m also putting my favorite food to order in these restaurants.

These are ranked by 1 being my most favorite and 5 being my least favorite.

  1.     The B Spot

The B Spot is by far my most favorite restaurant to go during the summer. The main food it offers are hamburgers and TWO different types of fries. There are the regular type and there are also rosemary seasoned fries. My favorite order there is the bacon hamburger which is SOOOO good. I also immensely enjoy the fries.

  1. Chipotle

My second place to always go to is Chipotle. At Chipotle, there are various options to choose from, and at this restaurant you can either choose to eat healthy, or put many toppings on. There are many ways to put your different toppings. For example, you could put them on a taco or a burrito bowl.  How I do it is that I order three soft tacos, and I put chicken with beans, lettuce, tomatoes, rice, and corn. My favorite topping is rice.

  1.     Chick-fil-A

The one place I used to always go to after I went to Lifetime on Tuesdays and Thursdays was Chick- Fil-A. I always ordered the lemonade which is so good. Along with the lemonade I order 12 chicken fingers and fries which have a good amount of salt on them.

  1. Pizzazz

Pizzazz definitely has the best salad I have ever eaten. It’s the chicken salad and the sauce is phenomenal. The bread they serve before you get your food is also pretty good.  It also has many different sauces for pasta and many good pastas. However, the wait is long sometimes, but other times it’s pretty fast.

  1.     On the Rise

Even though this isn’t a restaurant, it’s still deserves to be written about. It has many good pastries and whenever my mom and my sisters are getting haircuts, and I have to wait for them I go here. My especially favorite pastry is the brownies. On the rise also sells pretty good bread too.