IT Movie Review

by Camryn Parsons

I’m not a big horror movie person, and I was pretty scared at the thought of going to see IT, but also pretty excited, because I LOVE the Halloween season – haunted houses, scary movies, costumes, all of the above. So I decided IT would be a proper way to start this Halloween season. Sad part – it’s rated R, so you’re either going to have to sneak in (which in many situations can be a little difficult) or go with an adult! Luckily, my dad is pretty into horror movies, and books, oh and Stephen King, so he was very eager to go as well.

I haven’t read the book, but after seeing the movie I am very curious to do so. I rarely ever will see a movie without reading the book first, for I find it serves as an interesting comparison point and yet another thing to think about.

While watching IT, more than any other emotion, I felt sad during the movie. I did not find it as scary as I did disturbing. This I believe, is what makes a movie truly good – the multiple aspects to it – the multiple feelings. I mean yeah, of course I was scared at some points, but I was also decently sad. And there was something else special about it, that one may not expect going into this movie. There was something so specifically relatable to it.

While crazy, murderous, fantastical clowns may not exist in real life, this idea of fear is something we all face and we all can claim as an aspect of our lives. More importantly, however, is how this movie deals with grief and loss. The movie centralizes around the story of a boy who lost his little brother due to an (at the time) unknown cause. While the cause turns out to be this absolutely insane and terrifying clown, I think a lot of people can look into Bill, the boy’s eyes, and understand that stage of uncertainness and loss.

What helps Bill with this uncertainness and loss are the friends he has and the friendships he develops. The story of these children that must somehow band together to stop the evil monster that has already taken so many lives is beyond captivating and thrilling, it’s a must see (if you can handle it)…