By Kate Slesh and Claire Mckenna

Concussions can happen at anytime, playing sports, accidents, and many other cases. Interviewing people who have had concussions in the past and finding out their symptoms during the concussion. Finding out how long their recovery was and what they did while they had their concussions are shown below. In some of these interview, they can show how server the concussion is.


How did you get your concussion?

  1.         How were your symptoms?
  2.         Did you get tested before your concussion or did you not have a base line?
  3.         How long was your recovery?
  4.         What did you do during your concussion?
  5.         How was your transition back to school?
  6.         Have you had more than one?


  1.       I was a passenger of an ATV that hit a tree. I feel out of the car, and I hit my         head.
  2.       I had very bad headaches throughout the days and felt really weak. 
  3.       Yes, got tested in beginning of eighth grade for tennis. 
  4.        It took me a month and a half to recover until I was finally cleared by my doctor.
  5.       Slept and chilled at home
  6.       Missed the end of school and then it was summer
  7.       Only has had one


  1.         I was playing soccer, and while I was doing a drill, I got shoved to the ground. I landed on my side but my head hit the ground first. In the same week, I fell off a tire swing and hit my head on the ground.
  2.          I has a really bad headache everyday, couldn’t focus in school, my balance was off, and I felt sick a lot
  3.          I did have a baseline so I retook the concussion test when it happened.
  4.         2 months
  5.          For the first month, I slept and listened to audio books. For the second month, I was able to watch TV.
  6.          The school transition was hard to focus but after a couple days it was back to normal.
  7.        I have not had more than one concussion. 
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