by Jordan Stacy

Everyone experiences these nights, sometimes more often than we’d prefer. Actually, always more often than we’d prefer which is why I decided to share seven things that have helped me get through long nights of homework, successfully.


  • Wear comfortable clothing.


Personally, I am a huge supporter of sweatpants and a sweatshirt for doing homework. If you’re wearing tight jeans or an annoying top, you will most likely have a really tough time finishing the work. Also, comfortable clothes just always puts me in a better mood.


  • Don’t do homework in bed.


Being comfortable is important but so is finishing your homework. If you get in bed, you may just get too comfortable. The goal is to finish your homework, not start your homework but fall asleep halfway through.


  • Get a snack.


Or a five course meal. Food always helps motivate me and power me through homework. As long as you don’t focus solely on your food and ignore your homework, then food is a great source of motivation. Also, TIP! Try not to eat messy/spill-prone foods because no teacher needs a three-dimensional documentation on paper of what you had for dinner.


  • Have tons of water on hand.


A huge swig of ice water always wakes me up and puts a little pep in my study. Adding in fresh squeezed lemon is delicious and good for you.


  • Don’t have “side tabs” open on your computer.


Don’t be tempted. Deep down, everyone knows that Netflix and online shopping are the death of timely homework completion. The longer that you stay focused on homework and don’t get sidetracked, the less time it takes to finish! Also, once you get side-tracked, it is really hard to get back on track and get focused again.


  • Open a window for fresh air, if it’s not freezing.


Fresh air or nature scenes/smells are scientifically proven to help you focus and work proficiently. If, and only if, it’s warm, I like to go outside and do my homework.


  • Dont procrastinate and leave things to the morning, because you typically won’t do it. (Unless it’s something like reviewing for a test)


I have done this over and over and I have finally learned that leaving it until the morning will insure that you don’t finish it. In the morning, all you should need to focus on is dragging yourself out of bed and getting to school, much less trying to finish assignments.


  • Positive


Lastly, just stay positive and remember that the weekend will come soon.

With that, that concludes my 7 tips on how to power through long nights of homework. I hope these ideas will help with long nights in the future!

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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