Advice to Juniors

by Sophie Clark and Lexie Von Zedlitz

Hey Juniors! We know that junior year can get a bit overwhelming but here are some Do’s and Don’t from us seniors to you. 

DO: Keep up with your studies! These grades matter, however, you shouldn’t forget to enjoy yourself and have fun:)

DON’T: Worry about college. None of you should even have given it a thought yet. If you have, that’s okay, but don’t get caught up in it yet. The only thing you should be doing is visiting – see below. Enjoy your freedoms now!

DO: Try new things! Junior year is one of the best times to try new things because you know more people, and if you find something you love, you have more than one year to enjoy it.

DON’T: Wait to visit colleges until the summer. Use winter weekend and spring break to visit – time flies!

DO: Talk to teachers – they get how stressful this year can be! Form relationships for your recommendations:)

DO: Get to know new people! You will need a large support group for senior year.

DO: Make the most of it!!! It goes by really fast!