by Ellie Roberto

        This Netflix original series did not intrigue me at first because we all know Netflix shows are a total hit or miss. However, one night I saw my dad watching the show, “Atypical,” and quickly mentioned to me that it was worth a watch. I wasn’t in the middle of watching a particular show, so I opened my Netflix account and pressed play.

        The basic plot is about an 18-year-old high school boy named Sam who is on the autism spectrum. Judging from that quick summary it seems like “Atypical” is a serious tale. I will tell you that this is not the case. I found myself actually laughing out loud in my room, which I very rare for me. “Atypical” is hilarious – Sam is determined to start dating in order to help him become more independent. He begins to like his young therapist, but first attempts to date other girls as “practice girlfriends” for her. He flirts by using his advanced knowledge of penguins and his very dry sense of humor. He also has a weird best friend who also works with him at a tech store. He is always trying to give Sam dating advice, but has probably never actually had any real girl experience.

        “Atypical” is not only about Sam. It is about his whole family and how their lives are affected differently by Sam’s autism and as the show progresses, you uncover some dark secrets about Sam’s family. I personally loved and connected with Sam’s sister the most. Casey is very protective over her brother, never allowing anyone to make fun of his autism (only herself of course). Casey, like Sam, goes through many new high school experiences throughout the show. I think we could all easily identify with her character.

        I highly recommend “Atypical” if you are looking for a feel good show to watch over the weekend. I heard they just renewed it for a second season!

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