A Riverdale Recap

by Jala Everett

Want to remember season one of Riverdale before watching the new season? Keep on reading!

PSA: Spoiler alert! If you didn’t watch season 1 of Riverdale, LEAVE THIS ARTICLE!

It’s returning! Riverdale is back, and with the season premiere on October 11th, boy, are we pumped.  If you remember anything from the last season you remember that it was really drama-packed, especially in the season finale episode. In case you’ve forgotten, here if is an overview of the finale so you are fully prepared for this season’s premiere.

~ We learned that Clifford killed Jason to cover up the fact he had an underground drug ring. He also hired Mustang to kidnap Jason so Clifford could kill him, which results in Mustang going to jail.

~Mustang goes to jail because he refuses to give up the names of those involved in Clifford’s drug ring.

~ Jughead accepts the Serpents jacket when they vow to protect him while his dad is away. This makes Betty question if Jughead is who she thought he was.

~Archie and V are finally starting to recognize each other. Something I personally have been shipping all along. Though now with V, Archie wonders about his feelings for Betty, because he is an indecisive teenage boy who does not know what he wants.

~Cheryl attempted to kill herself at SweetWater River after hearing of what her father did. While drowning Cheryl sees zombie Jason, but soon enough Archie saves her by smashing the ice in.

~ Archie finally shows his musical talents, when Josie and the Pussycats perform one of his songs at the Jubilee.

~Betty tells all of Riverdale at the Jubilee how the town needs to get better, so a tragedy like Jason’s never happens again. This speech caused a huge reaction from the town.

~Cheryl burns down Thornhill to “start over” proving to us all how truly broken she is.


And of course what no one can forget…


~ Archie’s dad was shot during a robbery at the Chock-lit-Shoppe, leaving us completely shook with the big question  “IS HE DEAD?”.


I hope you all are now prepared for the new season of Riverdale. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited for the “new wave of darkness” as Jughead says at the end of the finale.