17 Tips to Freshmen

by Abby Poulos

Freshman year is scary and confusing, and that’s okay! We all were Freshman once, and we all know what you are going through. As a third semester Freshman myself, here are 17 tips that I think could make your year a little easier:


  1. Every little grade you get is not going to make or break you. While you should still try hard, don’t get too stressed out if you get one bad grade. There are so many grades put in the grade book, that it really isn’t that big of a deal.
  2. While our academics are fun and all, find some other outlets in the high school! Do after school activities, whether that is a sport, theater, robotics, or any other of the amazing clubs the school has to offer.  It’s great to be passionate about something besides school, and it’s a perfect way to meet upperclassmen.
  3. Friends change in high school. You make new friends and grow apart from old ones, but don’t spend time trying to keep up with people that make you feel bad about yourself. There isn’t enough time in the day for that!
  4. If you are going somewhere where you don’t need to have your backpack (like the dining hall for example), don’t bring your backpack. It just slows you down and makes you more of a hazard. Plus, backpacks are super heavy so relieving that pain can be super nice!
  5. Don’t stop to talk or catch up with someone in a really narrow hallway or somewhere that has lots of foot traffic. Honestly, we are all just trying to get to class on time and a bunch of people stopped in the middle of the hallway creates a hazard for you and us!
  6. Please don’t scream in general! There are most likely three people around you who have headaches and ten who didn’t sleep last night. Screaming isn’t fun anywhere for anyone. Also, that’s like super harmful to your vocal cords. Keep them in tact for all of us!
  7. The library is a great resource for studying and getting work done. The white board walls are a super great resource when preparing for a test! That being said, the library is a place to work. Talking at a full volume really doesn’t fly. If you need somewhere to sit and talk, the atrium is a great place! It’s beautiful and has lots of tables. The library? Not so much.
  8. Talk to your mentor or a trusted teacher if you are having trouble! We all need help getting through high school, and honestly having a little extra support goes a long way. Getting a tutor or meeting with teachers if you don’t understand something is so worth it!
  9. Keep the student center clean! Getting your table taken away isn’t fun. Trust me my grade had ours taken away three times already. Truly, It just draws more attention to the stinkbugs coming through the windows.
  10. Your life isn’t just about school. It’s hard to see that, but have fun when you can! Don’t constantly be worrying about the homework you have to do. It’s important to get that done and keep up with your work, but it’s also important to have fun!
  11. Prioritize your schedule. Get things done early if you can. It is so worth it! Getting behind is honestly the worst and should be prevented if at all possible.
  12. If a teacher doesn’t check your homework for a couple of days, this does not mean they will never ever check your homework. They will most likely collect all of it together on a specific date, so do your homework no matter what.
  13. Maneuvering the hallway is like driving on the road. Stay to the right, and keep it moving. It makes getting to your next class much easier.
  14. Not every class you have is going to be an A+ class. People have strong spots and weak spots; it’s just human nature. And if you need extra help with some of those weak spots, that’s totally fine too!
  15. Don’t feel the need to find a definition to yourself. Trying to push yourself into labels will just make you more stressed out and be even more confusing. Let yourself find out who you are and what you feel, because that will make you much more comfortable in high school.
  16. The Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors don’t hate you. If we look angry at you in the halls it’s probably just because we got assigned a new essay or just took a test. If we ask you to be quiet, it’s because we are just trying to get work done. Don’t feel so intimidated!
  17. Being a Freshman is a right of passage. We all were once a Freshman, and we all dealt with the struggles of being one. Just go with the flow, get your work done, and focus on school. Sophomore year will come faster than you think, so keep your head up Freshman!