Wonder Woman: How Controversial is it?

by Bailey Sparacia

Wonder Woman was one of the best movies of the summer. It earned about $103 million in just its opening weekend and $412 million in just the US. However, there is some controversy surrounding the movie. For example, some people compared how much Gal Gadot made compared to Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck. Some people thought that the costume for the movie could be considered too revealing or that it didn’t go along with what the original Wonder Woman wore in the comics.

As said before, the movie gained about $412 million in the US alone. It was rumored that Gal Gadot made only $300,000 (which is actually a lot) compared to Henry Cavill’s reported $14 million for the movie “Man of Steel”. Unequal pay is a huge thing worldwide, with women protesting to get the same amount of money as men in sports and in Hollywood. Since the reports, it a source told CNN that the difference between the paychecks are “completely inaccurate,” and that “Gal Gadot was payed at least as much as Henry Cavill for their first pictures.”

Another controversy around the movie was the costuming. Some were upset on how the costume wasn’t like it was in the comics or like Lynda Carter’s from the 1970s. An article written by Maureen Callahan in June of this year said, “She’s no longer vibrant and strong; she’s sad, a pacifist whose armor resembles mourning attire.” She also mentions how the movie has nothing to do with America. There was no bald eagle on the chest nor was there stars on the skirt. Also, Steve Trevor isn’t from America. Also, some say the costume is sexist. The U.N. named her honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls but it was object since the character was seen as “a large breasted, white woman of impossible proportions.”

The conclusion was reached that Gal Gadot did get payed around what Henry Cavill earned for his first movie. As for the costume, I feel as it is not as skimpy as people say it is, and I think that Gal Gadot looks amazing in the movie. It is an empowering movie and shows a woman that saves the war by fighting in it instead of standing back and watching.