Top 10 TV Shows

By Nadia Malik

Just in case you are looking for a “new” and “original” method of procrastination…

Disclaimer: the list below is not ordered by rank

  1. Teen Wolf
    • 6 Seasons
    • Done airing
    • Supernatural, Comedy-Drama, Action
    • Scott McCall and his close friends form a pack, which overtime includes werewolves, werecoyotes, banshees, kitsunes, hunters, and even humans. While these high schoolers try to keep their identities secret, they struggle to protect the average citizens of Beacon Hills. They face an incredibly diverse array of villains that try to put the pack and the rest of the town in danger.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • Scott’s hilariously awkward human best friend, Stiles Stilinski.
  2. How to Get Away with Murder
    • 3 Seasons so far
    • Season 4 Aired on 9/28
    • Drama, Thriller, Mystery, Legal Drama
    • The law students in How to Get Away with Murder have an amazing talent where they commit murder and some how try to cover it up. I guess that is implied in the name. This show goes back and forth in time to try and help you piece together what actually happened.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • Cliff-hangers that always leave the audience wanting more.
  3. The Office
    • 9 Seasons
    • Done Airing
    • Comedy, Mockumetery
    • Michael Scott is truly a one of a kind boss at Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. He has a unique relationship with his employees and they are considered more like his family. A film crew follows around these employees in their everyday work life and over the course of 9 seasons you develop an attachment to each of the characters and an interest in their stories.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • The iconic friendship and romantic pairing of Jim and Pam.
  4. New Girl
    • 6 Seasons
    • Still Airing
    • Comedy
    • Jessica Day finds herself apartment-less after she catches her boyfriend of 6 years cheating on her. She ends up finding an apartment with 4 male roommates which makes for an interesting day-to-day life. She is a awkward and bubbly teacher with her model best friend helping her find her way in the city.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • Jess’ adorable quirkiness
  5. Supernatural
    • 12 Seasons
    • Season 13 Airing 10/12
    • Horror Fiction, Supernatural, Drama
    • The Winchester brothers Dean and Sam follow in their father’s footstep, protecting people from the supernatural world around them. During their endless road-trip they encounter many dangerous and mythical creatures, while keeping their family business a secret.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • The occasionally romantic friendship between Dean and Castiel.
  6. Riverdale
    • 1 Season
    • Season 2 Airing 10/11
    • Mystery, Teen Drama
    • Based on the iconic Archie Comics, this drama describes the mysterious murder of teen Jason Blossom. The town of Riverdale struggles to cope with its loss while a diverse group of friends attempts to discover the killer and deal with the aftermath of the sudden tragedy.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • Jughead is played by Cole Sprouse, aka a grown up Cody from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody.
  7. Shadowhunters
    • 2 Seasons
    • Season 3 Airing in 2018
    • Drama, Mystery, Urban Fantasy
    • This show is loosely based on the well-known The Mortal Instrument series. Clary Fray stumbles upon the Shadow world, filled with demons, warlocks, vampires, werewolves, and most importantly, shadowhunters. Despite struggling to adjust to the world her mother had kept from her for her entire life, Clary and the rest of the shadowhunters fight demons to protect “mundanes” leading up to the ultimate battle with the series’ villain Valentine.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • The audience’s favorite forbidden love between shadowhunter Alec and warlock Magnus, commonly known as Malec.
  8. The Flash
    • 3 Seasons
    • Season 4 Airing 10/10
    • Superhero, Action, Drama
    • Barry Allen is an average forensic scientist who is struck by bolt of lightning that changes his world forever. After he became “The Flash”, he is able to defeat evil metahumans, making for an interesting journey of his identity.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • The extremely intelligent and also hilarious Cisco.
  9. Friends
    • 10 Seasons
    • Done Airing
    • Comedy
    • Friends is the comedy of the century. The show reflects the eventful journey of a group of friends living in the same building. Viewers are introduced to the individuality of each character, while watching how their dramatically different personalities allow them to interact with each other in a comedic light.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • The characters’ personalities, and how different they are, allow for hilarious scenarios and unexpected relationships
  10. One Tree Hill
    • 9 Seasons
    • Done Airing
    • Drama
    • Lucas Scott, a caring basketball player abandoned by his father, faces the typical problems of a high schooler. In addition to an ongoing rivalry with his popular half-brother Nathan and a crush on Nathan’s girlfriend Peyton, Lucas struggles to find his place in Tree Hill.
    • Main reason why you should watch
      • The long lasting and occasionally problem-filled relationship between Nathan and Haley.

In this list there are a variety of genres some drama, some comedy, and some a mix of both.