Tips and Tricks for Freshman

By: Annie Greenfield

Hey freshman!

We have been in school for 7 weeks! Can you believe it?! It’s only 80 days until Christmas so hang in there everyone. In the weeks I’ve been here as a ninth grader, I picked up on some tips and tircks for how to make homework and overall life, easier.

  1. Use your agenda! Last year, I decided to turn away from my planner because I thought I could remember all my assignments. Big mistake. I fell behind and was unhappy and stressed out! I couldn’t figure out what changed and why this was happening. Well…turns out it was because I didn’t plan anything out. Shocker. And that was middle school! Easy middle school. So moral of the story is really plan all your assignments and stay organized because in the long run it will help so much. You can even make it fun and color coordinate!
  2. The second tip I found which may seem obvious is don’t take your free periods for granted. Use them to get ahead on your assignments. Finding a quiet place in the building like the library or a hallway that isn’t rarely busy can also really spark creativity and help your focus more. Getting ahead on your homework will also help you out so much in the long run. For example, read a couple extra chapters in the book you’re reading. So even if you really want to socialize during your free periods, recognize your priorities.
  3. The third tip I found to be  really helpful is something I have been doing recently which is staying after school. I do this for a couple reasons, 1. I don’t know about you guys but I have a hard time focusing at my house. There is always so much stuff going on around the house and I get distracted too easily. 2. When I’m at school I work more efficiently and well like the work I am doing is much better. It’s something about the environment in the library that makes me automatically focused! Try it out!

I hope these tips were helpful and I encourage everyone to try them because they have helped me tremendously!