Stranger Things: Conspiracies Surrounding Season 2

By: Sydney Deegan

The Netflix series “Stranger Things” has been a fan favorite from the time it came out in July of 2016. The show uses both mystery and curiosity to keep everyone hooked. Eleven, the main character, is a genetically mutated girl that has been used as a government experiment and escaped their grasp. The show is all about her learning the behaviors of society and meeting three boys who are looking for their lost friend, Will Byers. Their relationships grow and more questions about the disappearance of Will pop up.

What makes this show ten times better is the age of each of the actors. The young kids in the show range between ages 12 to 15. For such a young age, they did a phenomenal job in this show. They made it both compelling and mysterious. David Harbour and Winona Ryder (Chief Hopper and Joyce in the show) also did an amazing job of pulling us into the show. With all of these great actors and actresses, “Stranger Things” became an extremely popular show just weeks after its release date.

Surprisingly, there are only 8 episodes in the first season. Of course, I binged watched it in a day- so yes, I 10/10 recommend. The ending was the best part. Not only did it leave us in tears, but it also left us questioning. And of course, this was followed by internet conspiracy theories surrounding the ending and (spoiler) if Eleven is still alive. Stranger Things season 2 is being released October 27th, making us wait OVER A YEAR to continue watching. I, however, cannot wait any longer for this next thrilling season.

The conspiracies of season 2 have been swarming the internet for quite a while. A popular one is that Eleven is still alive. Some say that she only appears in flashbacks, but many think her character will come back from the dead, considering the ending scene where Hopper leaves Eggo waffles in a box in the woods- Eleven’s favorite food. There is also definitely a new character coming into play by the name of Max, played by Sadie Sink, who is the same age as the kids in the show. The other major questions came from the closing scene when Will Byers vomits a slug type of creature, which is an indication of the Upside Down world (another dimension in which he was stuck in for some time). This could mean that he is still infected with something connecting him to the Upside Down. Conspiracies surrounding this include the Demogorgon, the monster in the upside down, possibly laid eggs inside of Will.

All of this confusion just leads us to wonder, what really will happen in season 2?