New Teachers at HB

By: Isabelle Wyndham

As I am new to the HB upper school, I’ve had to adjust to everything that goes along with being in high school. I thought I could see how the new teachers have adjusted too. I have talked to two of the many new teachers Mr. Dimitrov and Mrs. Chaill. I asked them both six questions:

What is your favorite thing about HB so far?

     Mr. Dimitrov said, “I have many favorite things but the shining star is Mrs. Homany. I have taught at many schools and for many years but her combination of intelligence, caring, wit, and compassion, support, humor and love is truly remarkable” Mrs. Chaill shared, “How welcoming and positive the environment is. In the classroom, in the hallways, and in the lunch room, everyone seems like they are happy to be here and wanting to continually better themselves.” As I see what they say, I have noticed that the new teachers believe HB is a very welcoming environment and that they seem to have gotten very comfortable.


On a scale of 1-10 how scary was the lunch room during the first few weeks of school?

Mr. Dimitorv has come up with a system of the lunch room, here it is, “The lunch room is about a 7 with 1 being having lunch with Mrs. Homany and 10 being IRS audit scary.  The other week I got rolled by a gaggle of 7th graders at the salad bar.  Combined they weighed less than me but after the experience, I was glad I still had my phone and my wallet.  I figured garbanzo beans weren’t worth it.” Mrs. Chaill also has come up with a system, “The only thing that was scary is getting my food at the same time as you girls, (especially during middle school lunch period). I have learned to get my food quick and get out of the way!” At least we know that the teachers are as jumbled up in the lunch room as the rest of us.


Is it still scary?

    Mrs. Chaill doesn’t seem to scared anymore considering she said, “Only if I am not there in time. Sometimes I just call it quits and just grab and apple. :)” Well this way we know that if the teachers have it down to a system we can too.


What is your favorite things about the students at HB?

    Mr. Dimitrov said that his favorite thing was that he’s seen so many things that have impressed him “I will go with an example I’ve seen on the field hockey field.  There is a player who leads by example each and every day.  Even when we’ve struggled, she has led with a positive attitude, encouraging those around her to do better each and every day.  That has been impressive.” Mrs. Chaill seems to be optimistic that the students are so understanding all the time, “The girls here always want to understand why something is the way it is. There is always a sense of full understanding why we are solving a problem the way we are versus just how to solve it. It is refreshing to get to dive into a concept rather than just teach for students to repeat.” Students, I think we have made a good first impression of some of the new teacher. Good, we don’t need that stress of teachers not liking us added onto our shoulders.

Do you think students treat the new teacher differently? How so?

    Mr. Dimitrov has some sneaky students trying to mess with him. “They have been more than happy to fill me in on the real rules such as no quizzes after a drop day, dress code really isn’t enforced, it is okay to come to class late if you went to get food first.” Mrs. Chaill seems to have it pretty easy with the students so far, “I have been told, as a new teacher, I will get challenged by the girls. I haven’t felt this and I am not sure if it is because I teach freshman and sophomores, but I haven’t felt the sense of being put on the spot or being challenged. It might also be because I am the first one to point out my mistakes, so I like when my students do because it shows they are paying attention and understanding material.” Mr. Dimitrov has a very good point, all of those are very valid rules that all teachers should enforce.

    Not only have the freshmen and new students had to adjust to HB this year, new teachers have too. Hopefully throughout the year our new teachers, students, and freshman adjust well.