New Teachers at HB: Ms. Slanina

By Mackenzie Hollis

This year there are many new teachers in the HB community. This week I have interviewed one of this year’s new teachers, Ms.Slanina, who is a history teacher. I asked her questions about things she likes to do and how HB has been so far.

Question 1: Why did you chose to be a teacher and why did you chose to teach the subject that you teach?

Answer 1: “I have always liked history and government. Originally I wanted to go to law school and after that I volunteered at my old high school and decided that is what I wanted to do.”

Question 2: When you are not teaching what do you like to do for fun?

Answer 2: “I have a two year-old daughter and I play with her and go to the park in Lakewood. I also read and do yoga. I also go running sometimes when I get motivated.”

Question 3: Before HB have you taught anywhere else or is this your first teaching opportunity?

Answer 3: “I used to teach at Holy Name in Parma for 10 years. This is my 11th year teaching in total.”

Question 4: If you were not a teacher what other career would you choose?

Answer 4: “I would own a yoga studio and teach yoga to other people.”

Question 5: How is the year going so far?

Answer 5: “It’s very good. Its nice to have such motivated students. I also enjoy my classes a lot.”

After learning a few things about one of HB’s new teachers, I hope you will stop and say hello when passing one of the them in the halls! Everyone was new once, so it’s always nice to be kind and welcoming to all new teachers. Hope you enjoyed this little interview.