By Susie Glickman

Mr. Biederman has recently joined the HB community, taking on the job as Ms. Stineman’s substitute while she is out taking care of her newborn baby. Being one of his students, Mr. Biederman has done an excellent job as a teacher. He has truly entered the hearts of all his students. He was born and raised in the city of Cleveland Heights, attending Hawken School until the 3rd grade and Chagrin from 4th grade until graduation. He played football and lacrosse during his high school years. He attended Miami University and Hiram College, and immediately afterwards he moved to Columbus. There he worked in Communications for the Crew SC (formerly the Columbus Crew). Later on, he took a job working for the United States Men’s national team the summer before the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

What schools have you taught before HB?

  •   Briefly, and in different capacities, I was an instructor for Cleveland Clinic Children’s and Julie Billiart School. I’ve coached girl’s lacrosse for Chagrin Falls and Hudson, too.
  •   I was fortunate enough to have observed the distinguished Mr. Carl Hoffman between January-April 2017. From there, I instructed several groups of brilliant freshman students while Ms. Krist traveled to Washington D.C in May 2017.

What do you like about the HB environment?

  •   Everything. I’ve wanted to teach and coach at Hathaway Brown far before becoming a M.Ed. student.

What is it like to teach all girls?

  •   The girls are some of the most gifted, comical, and empathetic individuals that I have ever met. I sincerely look forward to every class period and HB event.

 How long did it take for you to feel comfortable?

  •   Honestly? No longer than a day or two. This is less of a commentary on me and more of a commentary on the people that promote HB’s hospitable atmosphere. I have been awash with positivity since August.

What are your favorite things about HB?

  •   The students and the staff. I am forever grateful for the support from individuals like Mr. Purpura, Mr. Vogel, Ms. Day, Ms. Homany, Mr. Hatcher, Mr. Ciuni, and MANY more. To people like these, I owe my success.

What do you not like about HB?

  •   That I cannot team-teach every class with Mr. Ciuni. Don’t worry though, I’ve been secretly working on a new course proposal for weeks.

Unfortunately, as much as it saddens everyone, Mr. Biederman will have to depart from his current position once Ms. Stineman returns in November. He prays that his session never ends, but should his prayers go unanswered, he will submit a formal job application. He also says that he will be working as, “(1) Ms. Day’s point-giving assistant, (2) Mr. Frazier’s private litter detective, (3) hallway high-fiver/resident morale booster, and/or (4) HB wireless lead customer service representative.” No matter what the future may hold for him, he requested that he leaves his students with this quote, “Take a book, the poorest one written, but read it with the passion that it is the only book you will read – ultimately you will read everything out of it, that is, as much as there was in yourself, and you could never get more out of reading, even if you read the best of books” -S.K. 1845.

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