By Alison Xin

Ah, the lunch room. The watering hole of the educational savannah. Continuing this metaphor, the behavior of students in the dining hall and servery seem to resemble animals rather than civilized humans. In the interest of common decency, here are some things to do or keep in mind while obtaining or consuming food.

  1. Learn how to use tongs.  Here’s a simple guide:
    1. Hold tongs with light but stable grip
    2. Attempt to get as many food items as possible between ends of tongs
    3. Squeeze tongs
    4. Lift tongs, transfer food items to plate
  2. If you drop a solid food item, pick it up
  3. If you spill something, at least attempt to clean it. Or at least notify somebody with the resources to clean it.
  4. Don’t cut in line. You will never be literally starving.
  5. If waiting for an item in the salad bar, don’t stand in front of other items.
  6. If you dump nearly an entire plate of food into compost, especially if it’s from a self-serve section, you may lack self-awareness. Seek to rectify this issue as soon as possible.
  7. Pay attention to both your plate and your surroundings as you navigate the crowded cafeteria.
  8. Trays are available underneath the silverware in the cafeteria. Use these to make handling multiple trays of food easier.
  9. Fill up soup less than ⅘ full. This is for everybody’s safety.
  10. Don’t leave dirty plates in classrooms. This is not a hotel. If your first impulse is to think “well, isn’t that what a cleaning staff is for?”, you may lack self-awareness. Seek to rectify this issue as soon as possible.
  11. Food should not go into recycling. Remember: recycling is for plastics, metal and glass. Compost is for decomposable items. Trash is for everything else.
    1. Napkins are compostable.
    2. Don’t attempt to recycle containers with large amounts of food. Empty the food into compost then recycle the container.
    3. Wrappers and films are trash. Though they are plastic, the thin material tends to clog machinery at recycling plants.
    4. Plastic utensils are not recyclable. Metal utensils should be placed in the container to be washed.
  12. Don’t use silverware to pick up food
  13. A single fork can last an entire lunch period. Don’t get a new fork with each new plate of food then complain there are not enough forks.
  14. How many HB students does it take to get a bagel? Here’s a hint: it’s not your entire friend group.
  15. If you read this entire list and think nothing applies to you, you may lack self-awareness. Seek to rectify this issue as soon as possible
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