By. Hannah Saltz

Green Light: Opening with a powerful echo and a strong piano presence, the first song on Lorde’s album Melodrama is about the past two years of her life.  Lorde talks about her previous relationship and how it allowed her to gain perspective about maturity and life.

Sober: Lorde expresses raw and youthful emotions about love and life. The vocal samples played at the beginning of the song repeat “night, midnight” which sets the scene for the song, as it talks about adventures in the night. This song is about telling someone how you feel romantically and the night life.

Homemade Dynamite: From the start, Lorde talks about the nightlife she experienced when writing this album. “Homemade dynamite” was another word for the essence of a party.

The Louvre: Undertones of bass and powerful drum riffs continue throughout this song.  Lorde compares her relationship as something to be looked at like a beautiful piece of art. “Boom boom boom” is constantly repeated throughout the song, exemplifying Lorde’s heartbeat and excitement for her relationship.

Liability: This beautiful piano driven ballad is Lorde speaking in third person, saying that she is the reason for the end of her relationship. She also discusses how her fans might become tired of her music and not listen anymore, that she will become a burden.

Hard Feelings/Loveless: The first half of this song is purely about heartbreak and a time in her life where she felt broken and cold. “Cut flowers for all my rooms, I care for myself the way I used to care about you,” which talks about herself care after the breakup. In Loveless, Lorde talks about how this generation doesn’t need love or romance to be happy, we can love ourselves instead.

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