By: Emma Esteves

 When the bell rings at 3:19 every afternoon, everyone goes to their specific places. Some flee to the library, while others head out the door. There are the girls that lounge around the student center, and some who hang out in classrooms trying to finish last minute work. But, twenty-seven girls frantically lace up their shoes and head outside. Within minutes, they stretch, talk, and start to run down the streets of Shaker Heights. These girls are the HB Cross Country team.

Hathaway Brown’s cross country season has been quite successful thus far. The team has run well and placed high at several meets. The team participated in the Tiffin Cross Country Carnival, which is one of the biggest in the country (hence the name carnival). While there, HB runners ran their heart out, and the results definitely showed. Out of thirty-three teams, the team placed first in their division. It was a memorable experience that no runner will ever forget.

In addition, HB’s cross country team is caring and compassionate. So, when Hurricane Irma/Harvey swept through, it was no surprise that these wanted to help out. The girls decided to organize a car wash in a short amount of time to raise money for the storm victims.  When the day finally arrived, everyone was ready and excited. The team all pitched in from posters encouraging people to support the good cause and frantically washing cars as they arrived.  After just two hours, it was all over but HB’s cross country team made over $1050! It was an enormous success.

It has been a great season, and will only continue to get better in the few weeks ahead. The cross country team is truly a unique team with a big heart!