By: Kat Lynch

  1. Freshman: DO NOT be afraid to ask for help. Ask anyone for help; teachers, friends,
    and upperclassmen!! We all know it is super intimidating coming into the high school (or even a new school) and we are here to help you! Everyone has been in your shoes, so don’t be afraid to ask because we’ll help you out.
  2. Sophomores: we all know you are just happy not to be freshmen anymore, but be nice to them! You were them last year.
  3. Embrace all the free time you have. Once junior year starts, your free time will quickly diminish, so use it now.
  4. Everyone will always tell you to “not worry about college”, and you shouldn’t, but keep in mind it is right around the corner. Picking up an extra elective or doing something extra outside of school will benefit you
  5. TALK TO YOUR TEACHERS!! They are all super nice people and love when
    students come talk to them. It is super helpful to have an adult in the school who you feel comfortable going to and venting about things. We all love HB, but there can be things that pop up that annoy us. They will do everything they can to help you.
  6. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. This sounds super basic, but if you do all your homework
    on time it will benefit you. Getting 100% in the homework section of the grade can
    almost erase multiple bad test grades.
  7. Take advantage of all of HB’s opportunities. HB offers SO much compared to many
    other schools, so take advantage of it. You will also meet so many new people while
    trying to things.

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