Advice for Sophomores

By Grace McCarthy

The transition between freshman year and sophomore year is all too often overlooked. Sophomore year can prove to be much more physically and mentally demanding than freshman year and it is important to address these demands for what they are and further to make sure that, despite the increasing workload, you’re still able to enjoy your time at HB. To help guide you through your transition, I compiled a list of the five things I found to be most useful throughout sophomore year, both socially and academically.

1. SLEEP- I know, at times, it can be difficult to get a full 8 hours of sleep, five days a week, but allowing your body the time it needs to rest will help you achieve your maximum potential during class


2. Turn off your phone while doing homework- It seems obvious, but, for some reason, it took me until April of my sophomore year to turn off my phone while doing homework (including messages on your computer). If you turn off your phone you will inevitably be more productive, giving you more free time, and allocating more time for sleep.


3. Don’t stress about your first AP Euro test grade- I promise you it will all get easier. Taking notes and learning how you study is an important life skill that you will soon be grateful you learned during your sophomore year in high school as opposed to during college. Also, one C won’t destroy your grade in the class (trust me, I know).


4. Talk to someone you didn’t freshman year- whether it is an upperclassmen you would like to get to know better or one of your classmates, you will never regret making a lasting friendship

5. Ask a junior- We are always here to help guide you towards making any decision and, further, it is likely that one of us experienced something similar last year. Hearing from people with past and similar situations as your own is extremely helpful in both figuring out how to approach a test or assignment and also just in knowing that others had the same experience as you and made it out okay.

In the end, sophomore year is such a fun year in which you really have the time to develop as a person. Talk to someone you don’t know, ask questions, join a club you have always wanted to but never did, sleep, and have fun, but work hard!