By: Ying Ying Yang

Hi April me!

It is late September and I am writing this letter. Of course, I am still working on and worrying about the college process……But when you are reading this letter, you must have already decided, and you are probably studying for the upcoming final exams.


As the high school years are coming to an end, it is always too easy to focus on the present and forget to recollect the past. So now, as you are about to graduate, spend some time to recollect the past four years. You entered this building as a confused freshman, and have adjusted both academically and socially. You have taken twenty (or more) core courses: such an expansion in knowledge! You have found out your academic interests and probably have decided what to major in. On the other side, you made new friends and developed better communication skills……. Though you may not feel so different from four years ago, all the evidences from show that you have indeed grown into a mature adult (or soon to be one). As you start the new journey in college, you will interact with more people, learn new knowledges, and explore a greater world. No matter where you are going, do not forget the past four years: remember not only the mistakes you made, but also your accomplishments.


Above all, congratulations on (almost) graduating high school and best wishes for your new journey!


Your Past Self

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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