Unspoken Rules of Seniority

Q: What are the “unspoken rules” of seniority?

Dear Freshman,

First off, welcome to the Upper School. We might be a month in, but it’s never too late to extend a warm invitation. HB is a school that prides itself on our unlimited traditions but I am glad you asked about the unspoken side of “tradition.” Here is a list of 5 things to NEVER and ALWAYS do…

  1. NEVER cut a senior in the lunch line

Seriously don’t. Realistically you shouldn’t be cutting anyone in the dining hall, but especially not seniors. We have worked too hard and waited too long to be cut by freshmen. You’ll understand one day.

  1.  ALWAYS be the one to “put the balls away” or “get the med kit” at sporting events

We understand you already have 3 bags that weigh 20 pounds each…just like everyone else. It is not being mean. We have all done it. Please just try to remember and don’t complain. Its nothing personal, just a right of passage.

  1. NEVER ask about the Carnival Theme

This just crosses the line of tradition, and frankly you should want to be surprised to begin with.

  1. ALWAYS park on the street and with some skill

Who knows why but the state of Ohio doesn’t make you parallel park to get a license anymore. However, you do not get to park in the senior lot and you need to leave a minimal amount of space between you and the car in front of you. Once everyone in the school has their license, we don’t have room for you to leave a lot of space but not enough for another car to get it. You’ll be able to get out. I promise.

4A. Enough Said

  1. NEVER go in the senior room

Not after school, not because it’s a shortcut from atrium to the classrooms, not because you want to use the refrigerator. Just wait.

All things above resort back to patience. Your time will come soon enough and everything will be okay.


Sally Senior