Problems and Solutions with the HB Wi-Fi

By: Ellie Banbury

Hello HB students! I’m almost positive that a large handful of us have been having issues with the Wi-Fi lately. But do not fear! This past week, we’ve received some opinions from students on their issues and problems with the Wi-Fi network. In addition to that, Mr. Kallmeyer was interviewed on common issues students have reported and what steps he and the IT hub have been making to improve the quality and function of the Wi-Fi. The IT hub has been working with an outside company to work on the Wi-Fi alongside our own experts here at HB, and Mr. Kallmeyer has been working hard to take the feedback from the weekly surveys and account for them.

According to the students, their number one issue was not being able to connect to the Wi-Fi immediately, or their network switching to HB Guest once they opened their computer. Mr. Kallmeyer has come up with a solution for these problems! He recommends that you remove the HB Guest network from your computer settings immediately to avoid these problems in the future. During the interview, Mr. Kallmeyer reported that 3 surveys have been sent out regarding the issues with the Wi-Fi. The first survey results showed that the quality of the network of a scale of 1 to 10 came back at only a 5.2. However, two weeks later, results from the surveys showed that the quality of the network went from a 5.2 to a 6.52! I know it may not be much, but we have to start somewhere!

Mr. Kallmeyer’s final question was: Are we looking at a better future for our Wi-Fi? And his answer was… Absolutely! That’s right HB students, the Wi-Fi is looking at a much brighter future. Overall, it is clear that we have had some problems in the past with the Wi-Fi network, but the fearless Mr. Kallmeyer is determined to get the Wi-Fi to perfection. We can help him out by filling out the surveys, stopping by the IT hub, and submitting help request tickets. Before you know it the Wi-Fi will be a topic in the past!