Dear Upperclassmen,

Hi juniors and seniors. It’s your favorite people in the high school: the freshmen. The purpose of this letter is not to roast and toast you, but it’s just to let you know our perspective on everything that’s happened and everything we do. We’ve seen and heard your side, so we think it might be time that you hear ours. We understand you’re older and therefore have some unspoken seniority over us, and we get that we’re the easiest to pick on because we’re new. We are aware you think you’re better than us, but you’ve all been in our position before. You have all been the “fresh meat” in the hallways, the ones who are for some reason disliked by everyone. We 9th graders are just trying to get the hang of things. High school is new and confusing, and it makes it even more nerve wracking when the older girls are intimidating. You are all confident and big and yes, sometimes scary, and that can cause us to get nervous and jumpy.

If we bump into you in the halls it is definitely an accident. If we cut you in line, know we’re sorry (and also very hungry.) If we stand around clogging up the halls like a deer caught in headlights, we’re just trying to figure out where we are and how do get to our next class. I know that I have done all of these things, and it’s never meant to intentionally annoy you, make you late to your next class, or get you mad. The freshmen class is trying very hard to collect our bearings in this frightening world called high school, so we ask you, our role models, to please have some patience with us. Thank you, and we appreciate you!


The Class of 2021

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One thought on “Letter to the Upperclassmen

  1. Why would you generalize an entire grade? This is incredibly rude to those of us who are trying to make the freshmen feel welcome. Writing an article like this is NOT helping your case.

    I don’t care if you’re hungry in the lunch line. We’re hungry too. That is in no way an excuse for cutting.

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